I like kids and I enjoy working with them.  My experience with kids and teens has been diverse. I have worked with children from 3 years to 17 years old in a variety of settings, including schools, residential treatment, shelters, on the streets, the juvenile justice system, and in outpatient clinics.  I have been a teacher, school counselor, and school therapist. 

Early intervention with children and teens can be helpful in preventing long-term problems.  I can work with you and your family to address your childā€™s particular needs.  Every child is unique, and it is important to meet your child where he or she is. I work with children and families to address a wide range of problems from self-esteem, social skills, peer relationships, and family relationships.  I also work with children with ADHD, impulse control problems, depression, and anxiety. I take a systems approach to working with children and families, recognizing that we live in a complex and interdependent web of relationships. 

Currently my practice only works with children ages 8- 18.  If your child is younger than this, feel free to give me a call and I will see if an exception can be made or if a referral is more appropriate.