I practice emotionally-focused couple therapy (EFT) which is focused on creating secure attachment bonds in adult love relationships. I emphasize helping couples learn to be accessible, responsive, and engaged in their relationship. EFT is an empirically-validated treatment that is accepted by the American Psychological Association. Research has shown EFT to be effective at helping couples recover from marital distress; this is likely because the therapy focuses on teaching couples how to respond to each other in soothing ways and maintain emotional engagement during conflict, instead of focusing on the content of the problem.

I believe that my clients are the experts on their relationship, and that it is my job to help them deconstruct their problems in a way that allows them to look at the same situation through myriad lenses and begin to appreciate what might not have been seen before. I work with all types of couples including those that are married, partnered, or in long-term or committed relationships.  I work with couples from diverse backgrounds, including inter-racial, inter-religious, and LGBT couples.