Helping people to love, work, and play.  



Therapy is about hope: that things can get better, that your life can change, that you can achieve your goals.  Perhaps you will find hope in these pages, and a sense of me and the work that I do. Therapy is based on a working relationship that we develop.  Ideally, the relationship will provide you with the framework you need to be brave, to take risks, and to transform your life.  Therapy varies depending on the issues you bring up,  the effort you put into it, and the methods I use. I believe that all clients have the ability to create a life full of meaning and joy.  It's my goal to help you move in the direction of your dreams and begin living the life you want today.   Call or email to set up a consultation. 

There are many ways of getting strong; sometimes talking is the best way.
— Andre Agassi