Are your problems interfering with your life, your health, or your work?  Are you having relationship problems with your spouse, children, family members, a significant other, or friends?  Perhaps you are having problems with co-workers, supervisors, or employees you manage. If you are having problems communicating or connecting with people, then I can help.  Conflict is a normal and natural part of our lives and we manage the conflict is what matters.  

Individual therapy sessions are designed to assist you in reaching your goals, whatever they are.  Sessions are usually 55-60 minutes, at a frequency to be determined by your needs.  I work with individuals of all ages and in all stages of life to increase their satisfaction and joy.  If you are experiencing problems with depression, stress, or anxiety, then therapy may help you.

Every problem has a solution; let me help you find yours. Sometimes, a little bit of help can get you back on track, and that’s why I’m here.  My goal is to help you increase your capacity to work, love, and play, by providing a safe and supportive environment for personal exploration and change. Come discover the possibilities with me!