Outrage Fatigue

I am tired.  I am tired of all the bad news, death, destruction, and fear. I am tired of the relentless news cycle that I cannot keep up with.  I am tired of the lack of compassion and care we have for each other. Earlier this year a colleague said she had "outrage fatigue."  That phrase just resonated with me.  I was tired of being outraged at all things that were happening in my community and in the world.  I have a long history of advocacy that began while I was at UCLA.  It seems the students there were always speaking out for or against something. So my political activism has roots in college, but my social activism has much earlier roots from elementary school where I was required to do community service. I have in essence been a lifelong activist, but I realize that most people are not.  So whatever your beliefs or values are, if you want to be heard here are a few of the things I recommend. Calling your elected officials is more effective than sending an email.  A handwritten letter is especially effective. Show up at a town hall meeting and ask questions.  You have the right to request a meeting if there is an issue you want to discuss. Keep reaching out over and over in as many ways as you can.  Advocacy takes time and effort and change is often slow.  Don't give up not matter how tired you are.